Bringing farms 

in the village to you doorsteps

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Agriculture Value-Chain Redefined
All supply chain hurdles removed

70% of the revenue goes directly to farmers

Demand-based supply in agriculture

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Gaunbata Products


Our Story

How Gaunbata Works

Gaunbata™, which means "From The Village", is a logistical platform which brings products from the village to the city and from the city on a daily basis.

The Primer product for Gaunbata is "Daalo" - a bamboo basket which is filled with artisanal products, both raw and processed, from the village and is delivered to its subscriber on a monthly or a bi-weekly basis.

Empowered with our customized Blockchain and AI-enabled platform, we are able to create a strong link between the farmers and the customers through transparency and optimization of the agricultural value chain.